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Message from the Basileus Brothers, When I was campaigning for the office of Basileus, my vision was to improve communication, improve the Fraternity house structure (inside and out), and to make sure that our funds were accurately reported. At this point, I believe we have accomplished some of those goals. Communication has improved through our phone fan out system and mailings (both US mail and Email). e KRS and the KF have been diligently working to bring the chapter accurate reports and they are constantly improving. We have yet to start on the structure of the house, but it has not been forgotten. My vision, at this point, is for the chapter brotherhood to become more involved with the daily operation of the chapter as a whole. I want to see more brothers become active. It relieves the pressure of a few brothers taking on more projects than needed when we have better involvement. We are a chapter full of talented brothers who have skills that are needed to makes us a stronger and better Brotherhood. We need to use all the resources available so that Nu Omega continues on its journey as the Fraternity continues into its next 100 years of service. Brothers, involvement in the chapter activities is the training ground for the future leadership of the chapter. ere is no way possible for us to move forward without the wisdom of the past and the development of future leadership. No vision by me or anyone else can be accomplished without strong leadership as the roots of its organization. at leadership is found at the committee level. e committees are our foundation that pushes us into the future. It dictates what we can or cannot achieve, and, as you well know, without a strong foundation, nothing stands for long. e Mardi Gras had been one of our signature events for many years but, we have all recognized that our traditional event of the past has declined. is is the time we need innovative thinking so that we can develop new signature events. Last year we held our second 5K Fun Run that was a smashing success. is is something that we need to put more focus on this year. Projects like the 5K run are out of the box events that we need to continue forward with. I want Nu Omega to have at least 3 signature events each year that help sustain us financially and that keep the name of Omega in a positive light in the community and in the world. Brothers, let us band together with participation, brotherhood, and innovative thinking to move Nu Omega Chapter into the future. Fraternally, Reginald L. Hines Basileus, Nu Omega Chapter Nu Omega Chapter Detroit, MI 48202 Executive Committee Basileus Bro. Reginald Hines Vice Basileus Bro. William Higginbotham III Keeper of Records and Seal Bro. William J. Murphy Keeper of Finance Bro. Keith Hudson Chaplain Bro. Terrance J. Watson Editor to the Oracle Bro. Daryl Shackelford Keeper of Peace Bro. Rudy Davis Immediate Past Basileus Bro. Douglas Capers III

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